About Polynesian Fiafia

The Lure of the South Seas…

Hailing from the very heart of Polynesia, the island of Savai’i in Samoa, High Chief I’iga “Vui” Siaosi, Master of the Ancient Moves, was bred in the art of cultural entertainment through a long family legacy. One of his earlier accomplishments was being selected from the whole of Samoa to choreograph, direct, and perform on a tour of Europe, the US and other countries on a World Fund Raising Tour.

After marrying an American, Siaosi organized his own show group, Polynesian Fiafia, in Phoenix. Fiafia means happiness, joy, or a celebration. The group performed at TOMMY WONG’S ISLAND in Phoenix, and was later relocated to the Denver entertainment scene by Mr. Wong. and for years as been a Denver favorite …..Polynesian Style! Talented Polynesian musicians, Hawaiian, Samoan and Tahitian dancers, and entertainers perform the tropical delights of the sights, sounds, and idyllic dances from Hawai’i and the South Pacific, featuring the spectacular Samoan Fire Dance.  We are a Denver based Hawaiian and Polynesian Hula and Luau dance performance group.  We are available for anything from a family party to a corporate event.

Let Vui Siaosi and the FIAFIA bring you all the color and romance of the South Seas… in the spirit of pure island hospitality, authentic culture, and just plain FUN!!! POLYNESIAN FIAFIA — A SIMPLY DELIGHTFUL EXPERIENCE OF HAWAI’I AND THE SOUTH PACIFIC!!


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Polynesian Fiafia is a wonderful group, headed up by Siaosi Talitimu. They are the real deal, and are my first call for Luaus, and any other Polynesian event. They are friendly, professional, and just plain talented. Thanks for your experience, and musicality… you guys ROCK! Aloha!"

Ken Miller
Director of Entertainment
The Broadmoor


"Some years ago, I attended Samoan Polynesian concert on tour directly from Samoa. I found out later that the choreographer, director, and one of the dancers was Vui Siaosi. There was an incredible men's warrior dance using real machetes!!! Having spent a major part of my life in Tourism to the Hawai'i and the South Pacific, and seen many shows in remote islands, Hawai'i and the South Pacific, I have said this before... "THIS IS THE BEST!!!!"

R. Goodman
Author, Educator, Photographer, Former Tourism Operator